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Blowout Fracture
Orbital blowout fractures occur when there is a fracture of one of the walls of orbit but the orbital rim remains intact.

If we suspect an ocular condition or disease,
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This patient was involved in a car accident where the safety air bag deployed in his face, resulting in a blow out fracture of the bones surrounding his eye.

This condition can be painful (especially with eye movement). Eyelid swelling, restricted eye movement, and nosebleeds are all common signs. Immediate treatment by an ophthalmologist is critical.
Vitreous Detachment

Orbital blowout fractures are usually the result of a direct blow to the orbit, which causes a sudden increase in intraorbital pressure. Decompression then occurs by fracture of one or more of the bounding walls of the orbit. Although the causative trauma is usually substantial, presentation and diagnosis may be delayed in the setting of extensive soft tissue swelling and an intact orbital rim.

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